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Fazenda California

Fazenda California


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“Butterscotch, sweet mandarin & well-balanced creamy nut-chocolate finish.”

Origin: Fazenda California, Brazil
Altitude: 750 – 1000 MASL
Processing: Double Fermentation
Varietal: Peaberry

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BRAZIL - Fazenda California

“Butterscotch, sweet mandarin & well-balanced creamy nut-chocolate finish.”

Origin: Fazenda California, Brazil
Altitude: 750 – 1000 MASL
Processing: Double Fermentation
Varietal: Peaberry

Fazenda California, owned by Saldanha family, is located in the Brazilian subtropical region of the Norte Pioneiro do Parana.

Growing up amongst coffee fields, the Saldanha family set out to experiment with new and interesting ways of processing the coffee to bring bold and intense flavours to a clean cup of coffee. After many trials and tweaks, the ‘double fermentation’ process was born. In this process, the cherries are left to soak overnight in 8 degree spring water. which slows the initial fermentation creating the desired acids and esters. The cherries are then pulped, washed and very slowly dried on raised beds. The result is an incredibly stable and consistent product with notes of intense butterscotch, sweet mandarin & well-balanced creamy nut-chocolate finish.

Recommended Recipe


Coffee: 15g (or 1× Brew-bag)
Bloom: 50ml for 30 secs
Yield: 220ml
Temp: 96°C
Time: 4 mins

Recommended Recipe


Coffee: 22g
Yield: 40ml
Temp: 94°C
Time: 27 secs

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