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“We believe you should be able to enjoy exceptional coffee beyond the setting of a cafe, without needing to invest in specialty equipment.”

Jon & Cav


Perfectly portioned, easy to brew

Our coffee is freshly roasted in Melbourne using high quality, specialty-grade beans to ensure a delicious taste. With individually portioned bags of precisely ground coffee, you won’t need to worry about any extra equipment. Just take a bag, add water and brew. Easy.


100% Plant-Based

No nasty chemicals or plastics here! Unlike most tea and coffee brew-bags, the Beyond coffee brew-bag is made of compostable plant-based fibre – which not only leaves minimal impact on planet earth, but also ensures maximum flavour when the brew-bag is saturated.


Delivered as fresh as can be

Our coffee is roasted twice a month, and then packed into individually portioned brew-bags. This means that your coffee despatch will always be the most freshest, most recently roasted coffee. and arrive conveniently at your doorstep at a frequency of your choice.

3Β simple steps

How to brew delicious coffee with just a cup, kettle and a Beyond Coffee brew-bag


1. Pour

Boil the kettle. Place a brew-bag in a cup.

Slowly pour a small amount of hot water onto the bag until it is fully saturated, so that it blooms – this initiates the coffee extraction process. You should see crema starting to form, indicating the freshness of our coffee. Continue to add hot water slowly until the brew-bag is fully immersed.


2. Dunk

Dip the bag up and down to agitate the coffee.

This is important, as it will help disperse the coffee grounds and ensure that they are evenly saturated, resulting in consistent coffee extraction. You can even use a spoon to squeeze the brew-bag to help release the coffee's crema and assist in extracting even more body and flavour.


3. Brew

Leave the bag to brew for a few minutes.

The brew-bag will float up during this process, then sink to the bottom of the cup once brewing is complete. The longer the coffee is exposed to water, the more caffeine is extracted and the more flavourful your coffee will be – so the choice to remove the bag or leave it in is yours.


our customers say…

Beyond Coffee is better than what I make with aeropress, moka pot or on the work espresso machine. It's just tastier, quicker and easier to dunk a coffee bag. No clean up, no measuring, and it's consistent every time.

Simon, WA

Very convenient for work, it has saved me money as I'm not buying coffee as much yet the taste and quality is great. Very easy to make as well and I love getting the smell of coffee every time I open the tin 😊 Definitely recommend trying!

Flora, VIC

Really convenient delivery and super tasty brews! I love the variety every month and the environmentally friendly bags. Thank you!!!

Matt, WA

I love this coffee! It's perfect for when I'm getting ready for work, but without it being supermarket-grade – this is top shelf stuff!

Alexandra, VIC

Easy coffee which has me bouncing off the walls.

Kris, VIC

The smell of Beyond Coffee is so good. It makes my co-worker super jealous.

Jerry, VIC

I'm a coffee snob and a mum of 2. I don't have time to go to a cafe, and I can't do instant! This is the perfect solution for me. I can keep a few in my handbag & car and have great coffee anywhere πŸ˜‰ Β Best idea ever!!

Jade, WA


Coffee Gift Subscriptions

From $89.00

Give the gift that keeps on giving with our freshly roasted and delivered coffee gift subscriptions. Choose from 3, 6 or 12 months.

Includes an air-tight storage tin and free shipping!


Coffee Giftpacks

Just $69.00

Not sure what to get? The Beyond giftpack contains everything your loved one needs for a complete Beyond Coffee experience.

Includes 12oz Fressko Cup & air-tight storage tin and free shipping!