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Cana Dulce - (Decaf)

Cana Dulce - (Decaf)


Balanced, juicy cherry with a silky milk choc body."

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COLOMBIA - Cana Dulce - (Decaf)

“Balanced, juicy cherry with a silky milk choc body.”

Origin: Caña Dulce, Colombia
Altitude: 1400 – 1700 MASL
Processing: Decaffeinated, Washed
Varietal: Caturra & Castillo

No longer do decaf drinkers need to suffer through sub-par coffee! This Caña Dulce lot is sourced from a variety of specialty producers in the famous Huila region of Colombia. After going through the initial washed process, these high quality green beans are decaffeinated using a technique to preserve as many of the delicious flavours as possible.

By steeping in water and sugar-cane derived Ethyl Acetate, 97% of the caffeine is able to be removed and the final result is beautifully balanced with a juicy cherry character and a silky, milk-choc body. Enjoy!

Recommended Recipe

Coffee Bag

Coffee: 15g (or 1× Brew-bag)
Bloom: 50ml for 30 secs
Yield: 220ml
Temp: 96°C
Time: 4 mins

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