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In the bag: Worka Co-operative

“Delicate Bergamot and tangy citrus with delicious creamy texture”

Origin: Ethiopia

Altitude: 2050 – 2200 MASL

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Heirloom

Delicate Bergamot & tangy citrus with delicious creamy texture.

The Worka Co-operative is found in Gedeb woreda, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. They operate the Halo Fafate Washing Station which serves around 900 small holder farmers in the area and produces both washed and natural processed lots. For the washed processed lots, the freshly harvested cherries are pulped on the same day as they are picked. Cherries dry for a maximum of 7 days. This depends on the altitude and weather conditions. Natural coffees lay bare to the sun for 15 days.

A typical coffee from the Worka Co-operative yields a bright acidity, medium body, florals, and complex flavours – a trade often found in Yirgacheffe coffees. So with these bad boys expect delicate Bergamot & tangy citrus with a delicious creamy texture.

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Jon O'Neill    
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Jon O'Neill    27th Oct 2020

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