Eco-Friendly Coffee Bags: Blending Sustainability with Deliciousness

Your sacred coffee rituals shouldnโ€™t impact the next generation. Learn how our compostable plant-based coffee brew-bags are shaking up the home brewing experience of specialty coffee.

Australiaโ€™s eco-friendly specialty coffee brew-bags

For years now we’ve known that the coffee scene has its problems with being environmentally friendly – especially with take-away coffees and pods. We’ve seen the birth of sustainable coffee cups to tackle single-use takeaway coffee cups ending up in landfill. But how can we make our at-home brewing experience better for mother nature?

In July 2019, Beyond Coffee gave birth to Australia’s first eco-friendly specialty coffee brew-bags. Our goal was simple and humble; we wanted people to brew and enjoy an exceptional cup of specialty coffee at home without needing to invest in expensive specialty equipment.

With our in-depth research and high standards (10+ years on the specialty coffee scene, and numerous specialty coffee competitions), we began research and development on an all-in-one, eco-friendly, full/total immersion coffee experience. Finally we landed on a compostable plant-based filter material that produces a clean cup of coffee with exceptional flavours that you can trace back to its origins.

Here are some interesting facts about our compostable coffee bag subscription you’ll love.

100% plant-based and renewable

When you’re making your morning brew what are you ingesting besides caffeine? Did you know that some tea and coffee bags currently on the market can be made from crude oil (PET, PP). Beyond Coffees’ brew-bags are made from a 100% plant-based renewable resource (corn), and leave a minimal impact on planet earth.

Beyond Coffees’ Brew-Bags: Eco-friendly coffee bags that nourish future generations of flora.

All natural: No staples or glues.

Some compostable products still require you to do some work by removing aspects before you pop them in the garden or compost bin. We made a conscious effort to make our brew-bags from plant-based materials (that’s right, corn again!)- from bag to tag. You won’t find any nasty glues, chemicals or inconvenient staples that you’ll have to remove before composting. We were able to achieve this as the brew-bag material allows each element of the brew bag to be heat sealed, so you can rest assured knowing they’ll nourish your veggie garden.

Choosing the right partners

While our product is eco-friendly, we wanted to go that extra step to make sure the coffee gets to your door in the most environmentally friendly way. All of our delivery partners offer a 100% carbon neutral delivery service.

Moving forward

Beyond Coffee: Fresh, juicy coffee brews at home delivered to your door.
Enjoy them hot-brewed or cold-brewed.

We know Beyond Coffee is simple. But by keeping Beyond Coffee simple, we have been able to commit to continually looking at every element of our company’s footprint, while also preserving coffee quality and freshness. We strive to challenge and improve upon the dated instant coffee experience and introduce people to an all-new evolution of home-brewing that enables them to focus on the coffee. As the world changes, grows and learns, we’ll be continuing to learn and innovate to improve all of Beyond Coffee and our products and partners.

To learn more or to give Beyond Coffee a try, head over

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Stay caffeinated!

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Jon O'Neill    31st Jul 2020

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