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How to make a well-balanced Tiramisu Cake: An authentic family Christmas recipe

Coffees and cakes go hand in hand. So why not impress your family this xmas with a beautiful easy to make tiramisu.

We love hearing about new and interesting ways to incorporate coffee into recipes. This time we reached out to one of our subscribers James Chapman. He was kind enough to let us all in on a family Christmas staple. Weโ€™re really excited to share it with you.

The story behind the recipe.

Tiramisu is a staple on my familyโ€™s Christmas dinner table. This year is my turn to bring to dessert so I felt a trial run with the olโ€™ Chapman recipe was in order. With how much I love Beyond, I figured it was only natural to incorporate it into such a treasured dessert and was stoked with the result. Beyondโ€™s fresh, specialty coffee made for a far more balanced, wholesome flavour that complimented the dish perfectly. I cannot wait to share this take on a family classic come Christmas day! 

Ingredients: What yule need!

2 cups of brewed Beyond Coffee 

ยฝ cup of Marsala (fortified wine) 

300 ml of thickened cream, whipped 

3 eggs (separated into yolks and whites) 

400g Sponge Finger Biscuits 

1/3 cup of caster sugar 

1 tbsp of Cocoa (for dusting)

Method: How to make Tiramisu

Step 1: Brew Beyond Coffee and mix with Marsala. I used 3 bags and left them for a long while because I wanted it very strong but for a well-rounded taste, I would suggest 2 bags for as long as the directions suggest. Pour this mixture into a shallow bowl suitable to dip the biscuits in. 

Step 2: Beat the egg yolks in with the sugar until pale and thick. Then add your whipped cream and mascarpone and mix gently until combined. 

Step 3:  Beat egg whites crazy fast (Iโ€™d recommend an electric mixer) until peaks form. If you overbeat it (like I did, whoops) and it ends up fluffy and โ€˜firmโ€™, you can mix it violently with a spoon until it smoothens out. Fold in the mascarpone/whipped cream mixture gently (or violently if you overbeat the egg whites like me). 

Step 4:  Dip the sponge fingers into the alcoholic Beyond mixture, allowing them to soak through before layering them across the base of a ceramic dish. Cover the entire base of the dish. 

Step 5: Cover the biscuit layer with a generous coating of the cream mixture, making sure they fill the edges and gaps between the sponge. Repeat this pattern of the coffee-soaked-biscuit layer to cream layer until the dish is full or you run out of the mixture. Finish with a cream layer and coat fully with a dusting of cocoa powder. 

Tip! If you have mixture left (like I did from using a smaller tin), plastic take-out containers are the perfect size to make mini-tiramisuโ€™s to give to your neighbours and friends.  

Step 6: Cover tiramisu(s) with cling-wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. I left mine overnight allowing the biscuits to soften even more before serving.  


Until next time,
Stay caffeinated!

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Jon O'Neill    
Written by
Jon O'Neill    15th Nov 2020

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